Asian American Stressors

 While as Asian Americans, we are a pan-ethnic group that encompasses a diverse group of ethnicities with nuanced experiences and varying levels of income and education, we share a set of experiences that leave us vulnerable to chronic stress and other mental health and wellness issues:

  • Presence of ancestral / intergenerational / historical trauma
  • Immigration / refugee journey
  • Being a child of immigrant / refugee parents
  • Experiences of racism, discrimination, and microaggressions
  • The constant feeling of being a foreigner, of not belonging
  • Balancing different cultural values and norms in a dominant white, Eurocentric culture
  • The perception and pressures of the model minority myth
  • Lack of multi-dimensional representation
  • Invisibility in race discussions 

And, the national statistics show that Asian Americans are suffering.

  • Suicide was the 8th leading cause of death for Asian-Americans, whereas it was the 11th leading cause of death for all racial groups combined 
  • When Asian Americans seek mental health services, it's more severe
  • Second generation immigrants are more likely than their parents to be diagnosed with mental health disorders

Regardless of how "fortunate" you feel, there are legitimate reasons as to why you might not feel and be at your best.

Therapy is one way to address these issues, lessen the suffering, and get you closer to the life you want.