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Clinician Consultation

If you are working with Asian, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islander clients, you might be wondering:

  • Is __________________ “cultural”?
  • How might the racial / ethnic difference in the room be affecting the therapy?
  • What might I be overlooking or focusing on due to our racial / ethnic differences?
  • Should I bring up the racial / ethnic difference in the room? How? When?
  • How would talking about racial/ethnic difference help the client?

Clinician consultations will be with Yin Li MA LMFT and Founder of Theralane.  During the consultation, Yin is offering:

  • Her thinking as an Asian American clinician passionate and skilled in culturally informed psychodynamic therapy. 
  • Her lived experience as an Asian American and therapy client.  As a client, I have examples of what not to do from very seasoned therapists.
  • A space where you can explore your biases and ask questions. There are NO dumb questions.


  • Help clinicians become more comfortable and confident in addressing cultural differences in the therapy room internally and / or explicitly with client 
  • Help Asian, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders have a "better" experience in therapy where they can bring the totality of their identity and experience

To Book Clinician Consultation

  • Consultation are in 30 minutes increments.  Use the below link to schedule a time.

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