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48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Clients should reschedule or cancel sessions as soon as possible via email, phone or text. For cancellations or reschedules made within 48 hours, there is no fee.  When cancellations or reschedules are made with less than 48 hours, the client is responsible for the full session fee.  

No Shows

If you don't show for you scheduled session, you will also be responsible for the full session fee. 

Fees and Insurance Questions

Why don't you accept insurance?

It's a question we are considering thoughtfully. We want to provide clinically excellent, culturally informed therapy to as many people as possible and being on insurance panels would certainly help make our services more financially accessible. On the other hand, being on insurance panels would compromise the type of care we provide. 

Issues when we join insurance panels:

  • Client confidentiality is compromised 
  • We will have to prove that client sessions are medically necessary usually via a mental health diagnosis that will stay on the client's medical records which may compromise client's future health care and life insurance options
  • Insurance providers can stop reimbursement at any time and request payback of past payments if they deem the claim doesn't comply with their rules and/or paperwork
  • Insurance companies normally reimburse at much lower rates (up to 60% less) which makes providing excellent care not sustainable in the long term

So when insurance companies are involved, you and your therapist are not the decision makers of your treatment.  

Having said all this, we will be continuing to evaluate whether to join insurance panels or not. We might do so in the future. Write to us. It will help us decide.

I have PPO. Would I get reimbursed?

If you have PPO as health insurance, check for the following:

  • Do they reimburse for out of network, outpatient, mental health services 
  • If yes, check what your deductible is and how much of each session your insurance will reimburse after you meet the deductible
  • Check what other requirements or documentation is needed to qualify for reimbursement. Do they need a pre-authorization?

If you decide to use this benefit, we can provide you with a superbill (i.e. invoice) that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Note that we don't guarantee reimbursement and that you are still responsible for your full fee at the time of service.

Can I use FSA or HSA to pay?

Some employers offer FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account). These accounts are pre-tax dollars that you can set aside to pay for medical expenses such as mental health services. Check with your employer if mental health services such as therapy and counseling are included. If so, we can accept your FSA or HSA debit cards. Paying for therapy in this fashion allows you to reduce the effective cost of sessions since you are paying via pre-tax dollars.

Low Fee Clinics Options

Most cities have training clinics that offer low fee and sliding scale services. These clinics are a great alternative. They are staffed with trainees and interns who work under the supervision of an experienced clinician. To help you find the right trainee and intern, the same process of choosing the right therapist is still valid. 

Clinics in Portland:

Clinics in San Francisco: