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Culturally Informed Therapy

PDX, SF and Online

Clinical Excellence

Asian American Expertise

While Asian Americans are a pan-ethnic group encompassing diverse ethnicities with varying levels of income and education, there is a shared set of experiences that leave Asian Americans vulnerable to chronic stress and mental health challenges. Read more.

Our Therapists

Our therapists are selected for their clinical expertise, lived experiences, commitment to culturally informed therapy, and continued learning through their own personal therapy, consultation groups, and specialized trainings.  Meet our therapists.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Our therapists have extensive training and experience in psychodynamic therapy, which is an evidenced based approach providing clients with both symptom relief and ongoing changes even after therapy stops. See research


Being in therapy is vulnerable enough.  We practice culturally informed therapy, which minimizes the re-enactment of racism and microaggressions and lessens the risk of stereotypes and unconscious bias that lead to misdiagnoses, either normalizing behaviors or over pathologizing them.  For baseline safety, culturally informed therapy is a must.

Our Services

Counseling & Therapy

We see individuals, couples, and at times we offer group therapy. Our therapists are committed to clinical excellence and culturally informed care. Our offices are located in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California. And, we see clients online for those residing in CA and OR.

Consultation & Training

We provide consultation and training for clinicians and organizations wanting to learn about culturally informed care. For consultations, you can book here. For trainings, contact us to discuss further.


We host events and are happy to speak at schools, colleges, professional associations, companies, and non-profits. We want to help de-mystify and de-stigmatize therapy, making it more accessible.

You Might be Wondering...

Do I REALLY need therapy?

Therapy is not just for severe mental health conditions, it is also for your overall wellness and preventative.  Just as an untreated cut becomes an infection, untreated distress can turn into disorders.  Signs you should see a therapist.

Does therapy ACTUALLY work?

A valid question. Scientific research and our experience say yes. Therapy does work.  And, we practice psychodynamic therapy, which research shows not only works but continue working even after you stop therapy. 

How can therapy benefit me?

Therapy can provide a range of benefits.  Read about the main 5 benefits below.  Your therapist will also work with you to understand and establish goals so you can work collaboratively towards them.

Can I DIY my therapy?

Yes, you could. And, if you ever DIY (do it yourself) anything, you know the results are not the same as if you went to professional.  Learn about psychodynamic therapy and what the therapist ACTUALLY does in the room.

How to find the RIGHT Therapist

 Picking names out of a list and reading endless profiles, what to look for? 

Ten steps to help you find the "right" therapist for you.

Other FAQs

How long do I have to be in therapy? 

Can you get my brother to go to therapy?

Will the therapist tell me what to do?


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