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Couples Counseling for Interracial Couple

Couples Counseling

Our romantic and intimate relationships can be a great source of excitement, joy, and healing. And, often times, they can bring up our deepest relationship wounds. In the intimacy of the relationship, we simultaneously feel more able to be ourselves and more vulnerable to further hurt.

Are you experiencing these issues in your relationship?


  • Constant fighting about the same issues
  • Misunderstandings and resentment
  • Diminishing or lack of emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Power dynamics that keep you in roles that are unsatisfying
  • Different values and expectations getting in the way 

With couples counseling, you can:

  • Learn how to have healthy disagreements
  • Learn when to have the big conversations 
  • Understand your emotional needs and how to communicate them
  • Learn to break negative patterns of connecting and create new ones
  • Increase mutual understanding and intimacy
  • Learn how to separate what is your responsibility and what is not
  • Learn to appreciate and build on your relationship's strenghts

Areas we specialize in:

  • Couples from different social, cultural, and/or class backgrounds
  • Queer couples

Sometimes, individual therapy is highly recommended in conjunction to couples counseling. 

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In this free phone consultation session, we will discuss what issues you, as a couple, are facing and whether our therapists are a good match for your needs.  We generally like to speak to both parties in the couple before making the first appointment.  You can either book two separate appointments or be on the consultation call together,

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